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Mobile Skin Software

  • 35 Mobile brands with 3700+ cutting templates
  • Inbuilt image editing Tools
  • Auto update function
  • Auto update function
  • Compatible with Electro, Graphtec, Roland, GCC etc.
Personalized Mobile Skin Making System

Kishan Sublimation is bringing a project in with name “PERSONALIZED MOBILE SKIN (PMS)” in the market for mobile and digital devices such as mobile phones, Tablets. This is an innovative concept that lets the user with a customized artwork on their mobile or tablet.

Personalized Mobile Skins Quality

The Mobile Skins are made from high quality vinyl. that is durable. The skins are thin, flexible, strong, water resistance and repositionable. We ensure that there are no sticky remains on the device. The skins are custom-cut using equipment and software developed for mobile phone and device models across all leading brands. These are printed on a high quality vinyl, laminated and cut according to the exact contours of the device. All buttons and controls are left clear so there is no interference with phone’s operating functionality.

Customer have selection for two types of mobile skins.

1)Printed skin with personal image Our skins are totally customizable, they can be use any design from a large bank of images in our design gallery which the user can customize with text or special effects or even the user’s own uploaded images or artworks.
2) Skin made from Ready cut Papers. We provide different types of high quality Vinyl and PVC based Ready to cut papers like, Leather, Wooden, Brushed Metallic,
Carbon Fiber, Semi-Shining, Super Shining etc.

Why Skins is preferable ?

Our Skins made from high quality vinyl and no residuals on the device after remove. It’s easy to change skins
anytime with low cost. Don’t need to change Mobile Back cover or Mobile Case.

Benefits of Associating with us

The biggest USP of Kishan Sublimation is personalization of mobile skin at affordable cost. With our advanced technology setup in place for franchisees to make and deliver customers’ personalized Mobile skins on the spot. Model bank of more than 3700 templates which are constantly update with newer and wider range of mobiles. We provide day to day updates for new arrived modals. Our Technical team make design everyday for new arrived mobile modals and upload to server. so our client can get benefit and make mobile skin for their customers.

Technology Support

We will provide you with software and hardware and accessories which are required to run the business in organized manners.

Supply & Sourcing

We will support in terms of all sourcing including all equipment and setup, raw material goods such as vinyl and lamination films. We already have dedicated vendors to ensure efficient and cost-effective sourcing and timely - uninterrupted supply.

Software Kishan Sublimation V3.0.0.3
Mobile Brands 35 Mobile Brands (International and Indian Local Brands)
Cutting Templates 3700+ Cutting Templates
Update Support Online Auto update on Daily basis
Plotter Compatible Electro, Graphtec, Roland, GCC etc.
Image Edit inbuilt image editing tool
Operating System Required Windows 7 or early
PC Hardware Required Mininum Intel P4,2GB RAM
Security No Hardware Dongle Required